Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Friday - First Lady Michelle Obama

    Lately in the news I've been hearing about Michelle Obama's fashion being too European.  I'm not sure who her designers are, but I personally really love her fashion style.  I think she has such good taste and always looks so classy.  I've picked some of my favorite pictures of our First Lady and posted them below.  I also like that Michelle Obama has tried to keep children healthy and worked on a movement to have healthier food alternatives in our public school system.  I want to make clear this isn't a political ad and I'm not trying to get anyone to vote a particular way.  This isn't a political statement.  I happen to admire Michelle Obama's beautiful sense of style and of course I completely agree with her views on healthy food not just for children, but for us all.   I hope you will enjoy my favorite photos of her below.   

                                 I love this sweater with the pearl necklace and the mint green skirt. 

                           I'm a fan of sweaters, and I like this color as well. It looks like a great comfy style.

                                   This skirt with the green flats are a great spring look.

                 Of course  you know I love pink and the matching necklace is so pretty with this dress.

       Another one of my favorites is a black dress. This one also has a cute crop sweater to match.

                                                 This beige and black outfit is so classy.

                                      I love this lilac color dress with the pearls and black belt.

                                This blue dress is so amazing.  She looks like a super model in this picture.

   The best fashion of all, a couple in love!  I love to see pictures of them together.  You can tell they are both so in love with each other and it isn't fake.  They make a wonderful couple.  I loved hearing President Obama sing his rendition of "I'm so in love with you".  How great was that?


                                                               Picture courtesy of  Newsweek magazine and Pinterest.

    I hope you enjoyed this look at Michelle Obama's fashions.  Happy Fashion Friday!

    Today I'm linking up with Kori from Blonde Episodes for the Fashion Friday blog hop.  If you have a fashion post and would like to join, click on the button below.  Hope to see you there!

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