Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Face Cream

     I posted earlier about facial cleanser and as I was researching for cleansers, I read many articles about natural creams for your face.  Lately, I'd heard on the news there is a possibility that some sunscreen products have been linked to cancer.  And many face creams have sunscreen in the ingredients.  If you use some natural ingredients you can help keep your skin naturally protected from the sun.  
     My first thought is to be careful of the amount of sun exposure you are getting on a daily basis.  Prevention is a key in taking care of your skin, not only to prevent wrinkles but also to prevent skin cancer.  I use hats and sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection and try to wear long sleeve shirts and jackets when possible.  However, I understand in the summer it's sometimes cooler to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts. I try to be careful of how much sun I'm getting and try to keep covered and out of the sun when possible.  If it can't be avoided, there are some natural products that can help protect your skin as an alternative to using creams filled with possibly harmful chemicals. 
     Aloe Vera is one ingredient that many people use after they have been in the sun to relieve sunburns.  It can also help if you put in on your skin prior to going out in the sun.  Vitamin E Oil also has a small amount of sun protection factor naturally.  I've used both together on my face for about a month.  I am careful to stay out of the sun and it's not summer so I can't tell if it is making a difference but my skin is very smooth and soft.  I found a recipe on the internet for homemade sunscreen that I will try on my arms and legs this summer to see how it works.  The recipe also includes Sesame Oil as well as Lavender Essential Oil.  This mixture is supposed to give you an equivalent SPF (sun protection factor) of 6 with the natural ingredients.   The mixture is as follows:  2 oz Sesame Oil, 2 oz Aloe Vera, 1 teaspoon Vitamin E Oil and 24 drops of Lavender Essential Oil.  I’ve recently started researching Essential Oils and I'm quickly discovering there are many uses for them in our daily lives.  I’ll post more about them in weeks to come.

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