Monday, July 30, 2012

Sweet Trinity's Natural Beauty Review: DIY Lip Scrub

  I saw this wonderful blog featured as the blogger of the day on the SITS website.  Christa has also kindly offered readers this week a special 30% off her natural products in honor of being blogger of the day.  Just use the code SITS30 at checkout to receive the discount.  Read her story today by clicking on the picture below:

                                                         Photo courtesy of

Also, don't forget to check out Sweet Trinity's FREE recipe for a DIY lip scrub below.   I know HLNB readers love these recipes!

Sweet Trinity's Natural Beauty Review: DIY Lip Scrub: Hi all! ;) If you all are like me, you like to prep your lips for your favorite lipsticks by using lip balms, creams, and also lip scrubs...

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