Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tarte Lights,Camera, Lashes! Natural Mascara

Lights, Camera, Lashes!
     I recently purchased a tube of Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! natural mascara. I've used this one and I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't like using mascara because of itching and burning or clumping and smudging.  I wear contact lenses and usually don't wear much mascara because some of them tend to make my eyes water and some make my lenses cloudy.  I didn't have that issue with this mascara.  It lasted all day and didn't smudge under my eyes like some others have in the past.  This mascara also does not have a strong odor like some I have used in the past.  I like that this is natural and that it actually works.  It makes your lashes look longer and stays put until you take it off. This mascara is listed as "The Best of 2010" on the Tarte website.  Tarte claims this mascara is clinically proven to increase lash volume by 424%.  My lashes do appear longer when I wear this mascara. I will wear and purchase this mascara again in the future. 

    This can be purchased at your local Ulta stores and Ulta online, on and of course on the Tarte website directly.  If you visit the Tarte website, they have customer ratings on their products.  You can also read what other customers have experienced while using this product. And if you have used this product you can add a review of your own to their site. Or you can drop a note here on my post as well.

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