Monday, April 4, 2011

Tip of the Week - Walking for Exercise

     Walking is a great way to get exercise.  Even if the weather is bad, you can still walk in your home.  And if you aren't sure about some more advanced exercising, walking is a good way to keep you in shape and keep you moving.  I'm attaching a link to a video with walking sequences to help keep you on track with your walking routines no matter what the weather is like outside.

click here: Walking Video


Alton Schyff said...

Now that you mentioned it, is there a healthy snack that could go along with this kind of exercise? Since people may be walking out of doors and in longer sprees... what would you recommend for those excursions?

Michelle said...

Good question Alton!

It's always a good idea to take along plenty of water to make sure you are hydrated when walking. Also, I find when I go outdoors on hikes, etc. I like taking a bag of nuts like almonds and peanuts or walnuts and sometimes I take along fresh fruit like plums or peaches. They give me energy and juicy fruits help quench some thirst and they are easy to carry on a long walk. Sometimes I will also carry honey sticks with me that you can open and eat which also help give me energy. I always make sure to have plenty of water if walking for a long period of time, water is very important.

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